Outshine Hairdressing during lockdown

On the 23rd March 2020 the UK went into lockdown due to a highly contagious and sometimes deadly virus, something I am sure we all never thought we would see in our lifetimes. What the fudge!

But, in true British spirit we took this forced time off in our strides. Mums and Dads turned into, teachers, dinner ladies, cleaners, as well as working from home. Grandads and Grandmas learnt how to use facetime and hairdressers learnt to eat 3 square meals at the appropriate times, drink coffee whilst it’s hot and most importantly to sit still for a while.

By now I am sure you have noticed a few changes to the Outshine brand, but if you haven’t clue one is in the title to this blog. In 2019 we said goodbye to our lovely beautician as she left to start her family. We utilised the space and extended the salon meaning lots more space for us, however we now had a name that didn’t quite suit. During this down time our Salon Director and Salon Owner Shelly has been very busy turning Outshine Hair and Beauty into Outshine Hairdressing and with a new name comes a new website. If you’re reading this blog then you’ve already found the website, don’t you just love the new look and layout? Speaking of websites and technology we have also now taken Outshine Hairdressing into the realm of email. All important updates will be sent via email so if you aren’t on our mailing list, you need to be on it and all we need is your email address, easy! As well as giving the website a new look, the salon itself has had a revamp too, a fresh lick of paint, a new wall sign and if you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages (which you should by the way) then you will have noticed some building work going on too. We are finally getting a new staffroom, YAY!

Now down to the nitty gritty of COVID-19 preparations and policies. Shelly has been tirelessly working through a list of clients we have unfortunately had to cancel due to the temporary pause of Outshine Hairdressing. Each and every client will have been contacted by Shelly and added to a list for rebooking. Clients who didn’t have an appointment booked but will be in need of one, never fear, we have a list for you too! We as a team will be working together to get every single one of you back into our salon in the most fair and safe way that we possibly can. That being said here is a quick outline of the policies and procedures we have put in place to ensure a safe and comfortable return to the salon for all clients and stylist.

  • Stylists have taken online causes to ensure we are certified in Barbicide COVID-19 health and safety.
  • PPE will be provided for all staff. Masks will be available for clients if they have not worn their own, although we advise you do wear your own mask.
  • New disposable gowns and towels will be used to ensure it is only ever one per client.
  • Only one stylist will be in contact with one client at one time.
  • Hand sanitation areas will be set up around the salon as you enter and leave and we will have full hand washing facilities available.
  • A new appointment system and staff rota will be in place for staff and client protection.
  • There will be no waiting area. We will ask you to arrive on time to your appointment and on your own. If you arrive early you will be asked to wait outside, this is for your protection as well as the stylists and other clients in the salon at the time.
  • Extra time will be given between each client to allow full sanitation of the area, tools and to allow stylists to sanitise themselves and change their PPE.
  • Only water in one use cups will be provided for refreshment and there will be no magazines on offer.

A full rundown of our new opening times, appointment system, and protection protocols will be sent via email prior to our return. If you are not on our mailing list then please get in contact with the salon via Instagram, Facebook or leave us an answer machine message with your email address and we will add you to our list. If you have any questions, worries or just fancy a chat then we are always here, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Lockdown restrictions are being lifted slowly and the temptation to run wild is building up but please let’s not lose our heads. Let’s be thoughtful of others, let’s continue to be kind to others and let’s remember there is still a very serious threat out there. Enjoy the sun safely, see your loved ones safely and together we will see the other side of this.

Stay home, Stay safe and always lots of love,

Outshine Hairdressing. X