Maintaining your Stay at Home Hair

Use this time wisely. We live in a society governed by social media, online shopping, brow bars on every corner and trying to match celebrity style on a budget. We’re all guilty of it. However, let’s use this lockdown as an opportunity to strip back, relax about the way we look, seriously, who’s going to see you? Be aware of what we’re looking at on social media, keep it positive and fun, there’s enough doom and gloom around as it is. Reign in the online shopping, again, who’s going to see your fancy new triple knit, ribbed lounge suit? Save the money for a big family blow out when all this is over. Lets try and get back to what really matters, find a little gratitude in the small stuff we blink over everyday.

As a Hairdresser , I know for a fact that hair is at the top of most vanity lists, it’s definitely at the top of mine. As I’m sure you are all aware we had to hit the pause button on the salon for the time being, as heartbreaking as it was, it was the safest thing to do. Since then our most commonly asked questions have been,


“What about my colour?” 

“What can I do with my roots?” 


So collectively us Outshine girls have put together a simple ‘How to’ guide on maintaining your hair at home whilst not compromising your salon quality colour and condition. We will also include tips on how you can use your lockdown time to replenish and style your hair.


Stay at Home Hair – Colour

Firstly, and I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE DO NOT USE BOX DYES! There are many reasons as to why we advise against box dyes but our main reasons are,

  •  Being skin tested within our salon does not mean you will be okay with all colour. You may still react to a box dye so please don’t think it will be safe just because you are safe with our colour.
  • The colours almost every time come out differently to what it says on the box so the colour match process is extremely difficult. Surely your natural roots are better than patchy roots right?
  • I promise you the application is not as easy as it looks. Your stylist went through years of training and many dolly heads were sacrificed to get the application absolutely perfect and done safely.
  • Colour correcting box dyed hair is a long and grueling process that can take many attempts to get it back to a colour you are happy with.
  • That being said, a colour correction can only go ahead if your stylist feels your hair condition will take the process. Box dyes can be extremely drying on your and the list of chemicals is endless.
  • The damage on your hair might not be the only thing about. Colour correction is pricey business (££££) so the damage to the purse strings may also cause a tear to shed.


With the short of ‘Situation Box Dye’ being said here is how you can maintain your colour at home.


For clients who are wanting to disguise your roots we recommend the root touch up sprays.

We have found L’Oreal have come out with the best reviews. You can purchase L’Oreal root touch up spray online so you don’t even have to leave the house! Amazon, Ebay and Beauty Expert all stock the spray but if you want to keep it local Look Fantastic also stock it on their online store. Might be worth the check that they are all still distributing. We found on most sites the spray is priced around £8.99, although this may vary but don’t get scammed and pay through the nose for it! It comes in 12 different colours so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that suits.

  • Golden Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Brown
  • Medium Iced Brown
  • Mahogany Brown
  • Golden Blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Medium to dark Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Black

Clients with dark or vibrant coloured hair, we recommend a good salon quality shampoo. Matrix, Colour Obsessed for medium to dark brown and black hair. Matrix, Keep me Vivid for vibrant reds or coppers. The shampoos will help in reducing the speed of fading whilst maintaining a healthy shine and condition. Try washing your hair in cooler water. Hot water can be harsh on your hair and allows your cuticles to open meaning colour can escape.

Our blonde or highlighted clients can help maintain a freshness to their blonde by using purple shampoos. Matrix, So Silver shampoo can be used as part of your usual shampooing routine however, for best results we do recommend use for once or twice a week. This shampoo is used to keep unwanted brassy or yellow tones at bay which often give the appearance of dull or old looking colour. So Silver will definitely give your hair a boost.

For a more intense colour boosting shampoo we recommend Matrix, Brass off. This blue shampoo works the same as So silver but has a much higher concentration of colour pigment. For this reason it is perfect for maintaining the cool icy effect that you would normally get from a toner. Although, because of the high colour pigment we do recommend that you use gloves when applying this product and use it sparingly. Too much of this product being used too frequently can leave you hair with a slight Marge Simpson blue tinge. Once everyone now and then for this shampoo will suffice and it also comes in mask form.

As for maintaining roots when you have blonde or highlighted hair , balayage is still bang on trend so just rock it and pretend it’s on purpose. We won’t tell anyone! For best results use the matching conditioners to all shampoos.


Stay at Home Hair – Condition.

As I said in the beginning of this hair survival guide, let’s use our time wisely. We have been given the chance to literally hide away from the world. No one can see us, well apart from the people you’re isolating with but I’m sure by now they’ve lost all sense of anything and everything like the rest of us. Replenish your hair, give it some TLC and show it some love. It might also make you feel a bit better too. We are in the era of self love and self care after all.

Lay off the heat for a bit. There is no need to straighten your hair everyday, or use the curling tongs to create the ultimate beach waves. Strip back to your natural self and give your hair the chance to regain some strength. If you’re doing it to feel a little ‘normal’ at least save it for when you go out to do your weekly shop, at least then someone might see you!

Our top tip for giving your hair back all its moisture and gaining some shine at home is a hair mask. If you haven’t got one buried deep in a box of unused products you’ve collected over time (I know we all have ‘that’ box) then your usual conditioner or favourite hair oil will also do the trick. Here is our step by step to ‘Healthy Hair at Home’

  1. After you have shampooed your hair twice (the first shampoo gets rid of surface dirt, the second is the deep cleanse) wring out all excess water from your hair. You want it wet but not dripping, if your hair is too wet the product will slide right off.
  2. Rub a healthy amount of your chosen product through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. With what you have left in your hands run it through the top of your hair. Try not to apply too much to your roots as this will leave them greasy.
  3. Brush your hair whilst the product is in to ensure an even distribution.
  4. Clip your hair out of the way and leave the treatment to do its work. For added intensity wrap your hair in a towel to keep the heat in. The heat will open the cuticles in your hair and allow the treatment to work its way deeper into your hair.
  5. 10 minutes will be enough for a quick treatment however if you wish you could pop the kettle on, do a dance, teach the kids some maths, you could even sleep with it in.
  6. When you’re ready to rinse your treatment out, depending on the length of time you have left your treatment, rinsing time will vary.

Et Voila. Hair treatment at home, done! Congratulations on your silky smooth hair that is now full of moisture and healthier than ever. Go on, do a hair flip.


Stay at home hair – Styling.

Hands up, who’s got a mum bun going right now? And why wouldn’t you, practical, quick, and easy. Whilst you’ve got a bit of time on your hands why not play around with a few different looks. ‘Learn a new skill during lockdown’ absolutely does not have to be learning japanese or mastering the expert level sudoku (unless that’s your thing of course). Make youtube your new best friends, learn how to put your hair in a ponytail or if you’re feeling brave, a french plait! Don’t be afraid to try accessories. Try adding a headband, silk wrap, big hair clips and scrunchies are even back in! Pro tip, the headbands or wraps will also hide your roots.

There you have it, Outshine’s guide to your Stay at Home Hair. Fingers crossed you have found something in here to help you feel a little more you and to help you take some time for yourself. During this extremely stressful and troubling time please remember to look after yourselves, remember it’s okay to not have all your s*** together, it’s a blooming pandemic.

Keep safe, Stay home and See you soon.

All our love, Outshine Hair and Beauty.